Biographical information
Full name Veronica Harrington
Gender Female
Resides Savannah, GA
Physical description
Spouse David Harrington
Children Jeffrey Harrington
Friends Katheryn Cryer (Best friend)
Series information
Portrayed by Angela Robinson
First appearance "Pilot"
 Veronica is a main character on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. She is portrayed by Angela Robinson


Veronica is very attractive and is also a close friend of Katheryn, a socialite. She is extremely pretentious and condescending; she is also very wealthy. She said that she had miscarrages and had hard times getting pregnant in the episode where Jeffrey was telling her he was gay. She was very disturbed and has been disappointed in him ever since.

Season OneEdit


David HarringtonEdit

David is Veronica's husband, with whom she appears to have a loving relationship. She initially appears oblivious to the work he does covering up his friend  Jim's mistakes, but it is later revealed that she is very aware. She is not happy with David for this, believing that her husband and family's reputation is at stake because of Jim and his indiscretions.

Jeffrey HarringtonEdit

Jeffrey is Veronica and David's son.  Jeffrey and his mother appeared to be close until he came out to her as a homosexual. An in denial Veronica tried to tell her son that he couldn't be gay, and their relationship has been strained ever since.