The Big Surprise
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date May 28, 2013
Written by Tyler Perry
Directed by Tyler Perry
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Playing in the Deep End

"The Big Surprise" is the first episode from the first season of The Haves and the Have Nots and also the pilot episode.


The episode begins at the Cryer Estate in Savannah, Georgia, where Katheryn is calling her husband Jim. Jim is working at a law firm and Katheryn reminds him to come home for his 50th birthday celebration as all his friends will be there. He promises to come home early. He hangs up the phone and there is a knock on his door. He answers it, in which is a woman named Candace, whose looking for him. It is obvious that she is his mistress.

Back at the house, Katheryn is interviewing Hanna Young for the position of maid at the estate. She gets the job. She tells her friend Celine, who is excited for her, as she was the one who told the Cryers about her. Celine thinks she will do very well here.

After a wild afternoon of sex, Jim tells Candace he would like to know more about her than just a one-time fling and asks if he could see her again. She answers yes and gives him her private number.

Katheryn gives Hanna instructions for cleaning the house. When Veronica comes over and announces to Katheryn that the merger is complete, they celebrate and Katheryn has Hanna bring some champagne and sparkling water. Hanna goes into the kitchen and asks Celine who Veronica is, at the same time voices her disdain for "black people who think they're better than everybody else". Celine informs her she's worth $20 million, married into it as her husband is a judge. Hanna mocks about Veronica wanting sparkling water. Celine informs her she's a recovering alcoholic of twenty years who founded a rehab center and tells her a mouth like that can land her in hot water.

Katheryn is talking with Veronica over drinks about Jim's party when Wyatt arrives with Veronica's son Jeffrey. Jeffrey greets his mother with a warm embrace, while Wyatt coldly greets his mother. He excuses himself by wanting to go to the bathroom. Veronica informs Wyatt that Jeffrey has to watch over him for the first sixty days. Wyatt states he's got nothing to hide and takes all his clothes off. Jeffrey is embarrassed as his mother leaves.

Hanna is lectured by Celine about never walk in the living room, as Katheryn only wants the maids to use the kitchen to get to where they are going and coming. They walk into Wyatt's room where she gives him the lowdown before Wyatt comes in and asks who the new help is. Both the maids are embarrassed as he proceeds to go to the bathroom. Jeffrey follows, apologizing for his behavior. Hanna is shocked by this.

Downstairs, Jeffrey gives Katheryn an update on her son's condition. Wyatt has been clean for forty-seven days, but does become agitated when fitting in to the real world. Katheryn asks if Jeffrey is going to stay the weekend. Jeffrey answers, but only as long as he stays in Wyatt's room. Jim walks in and hugs his wife. Katheryn informs him Wyatt has arrived. Wyatt comes down stairs. Jim argues with Wyatt and Jeffrey before Katheryn breaks them up. Jim's daughter Amanda arrives home and introduces everyone to her friend Candace. Candace is the same woman Jim slept with earlier.

Amanda takes Candace up to her room where they talk a little. Candace compliments her on her house and family, but feels overwhelmed that she is interrupting their special evening. Amanda does not mind and the parents always enjoy company. They help each other get ready, deciding on what to wear for the evening.

The guests arrive for the birthday party. Veronica and her husband David wish Jim a happy birthday, and gives him their present, a tie that they won at a charity auction (which they say was worn by a famous president). Amanda notices that her dad is usually not this quiet around guests, and Jim tells her he's had a long and hard day. Katheryn tells Hanna to fetch some water and drinks for the guests. Hanna pauses for a moment, shocked, before being reminded by Katheryn of the drinks. Veronica begins talking with Candace. She studies at law school with Amanda and is helping her to pass an exam. David asks Candace about her family history. Her father is a doctor at the Winslow Cancer Institute. David comments to how smart genes runs in her family, and Veronica states that Candace reminds her of herself when she was young. Wyatt snaps back, and gets into a little scuffle with his parents. (He's obviously still mad at them for committing him into an institution to protect their image)

When asked about her mother by Veronica, Candace states that her mother died when she was young. Hanna freezes when she hears this, and spills the drinks on Candace's dress. Katheryn sees this and talks to her in the kitchen and asks her to stay there while Celine helps out. Hanna sneaks the back route up the stairs to confront Candace. It is revealed through conversation that Candace is in fact Hanna's daughter. Hanna doesn't think her daughter is in school, and is trying to con the Cryers for money. Candace informs her that she is not running a scam, and that she's just like her mother. Hanna mentions that Candace should be looking after her son, and Candace gets defensive and orders her to go back working as a "maid".

Hanna informs Celine about Candace being her daughter. Celine is flabbergasted as Hanna never mentioned her daughter in the four years she knew her. Hanna kicked her out of the house then and thinks it will only end in trouble. Celine advises her to never mention the fact about Candace around the Cryers, as she reveals the reason she still has her job is that she kept quiet for all these years. Hanna relents, and agrees, before warning Celine this will not end well. Celine relieves Hanna of the duty for the evening.

Hanna arrives home to be greeted by her son Benny who has cooked for her. Her son got the tow-truck he needs to start up his business, but he has to return it in twenty-four hours. Benny asks how her first day on the job was. Hanna says it was good, until his sister showed up and started lying to the family. Benny did know that her sister was going to college, to which Hanna is surprised. Benny states the reason she didn't tell her was that she might be upset, and to drop it. Hanna wonders why two different people were raised in the same household.

While the guests are leaving the Cryer's mansion, Veronica tells Katheryn to check up on Candace, as something is off about her (and she's bothered by the fact Candace never said her father's name). Katheryn tells Veronica at first to back off, but later relents. Amanda wants to talk with her father, but Jim wants to go to bed.

Katheryn and Jim are getting ready for bed. Katheryn asks what's going on, and Jim informs her about her two grown kids and what's going on in their lives (Wyatt is in rehab, and Amanda was a cutter), implying they should take a better look at their family scenario as Amanda refuses therapy, but Wyatt is in therapy but doing very poorly.

Benny tells his mother good night and head off to his room for bed. He calls Candace, who excuses herself by going to Jim's study to take the call. While everyone's preoccupied with the food banquet, Wyatt drinks three glasses of champagne. Candace takes the call from Benny in the office. Benny states that their mother is very worried and tells Candace to do nothing to screw it up. Candace informs him she's changed, but Benny states it's their mother not him. Before hanging up, Benny tells her he got the tow-truck. Candace is excited for him as Benny always wanted to drive it since he was a kid, and congratulates him about getting what he wanted. They’re both on the cusp of getting what they want.

Jim goes into his daughter's room and wakes up Candace. He drags her to the office room where he tells Candace to leave in the morning. Candace apologizes and had no idea that Jim was Amanda's father. He tells her not to come near her daughter again. She asks him for $100,000, but Jim declines and asks her to leave again and to not bother to see him again. Candace informs him that she's not going down without a fight. Candace leaves the office and goes back to bed upstairs. Wyatt hears all of this.