Season 3 of The Haves and The Have Nots premired in January 6,2015 to September 22, 2015.

First half

the first half of Season 3

Main Cast

  • Tika Sumpter as Candace Young
  • Crystal Fox as Hanna Young
  • Tyler Lepley as Benny Young
  • Renee Lawless as Katheryn Cryer
  • John Schneider as Jim Cryer
  • Aaron O'Connell as Wyatt Cryer
  • Jaclyn Betham as Amanda Cryer( episode 1-3)
  • Angela Robinson as Veronica Harrington
  • Peter Parros as David Harrington
  • Gavin Houston as Jeffrey Harrington
  • Eva Tamargo as Celine Gonzales
  • Allison McActee as Maggie Day

Recurring Cast

  • Brett Davis as Mitch Malone
Second half

second half of Season 3