Professor cannon

Professor Cannon

Professor Cannon
was Amanda Cryer's professor who gave her an option to make changes on her grade since she failed her exam. He was attracted to Amanda and wanted sex from in order to pass her on her exam. Later he showed up at Amanda and Candace' apartment, while Candace was gone and began to rape her in her bedroom.

This causes her to have a mental breakdown and stalk him, showing up in his bedroom while his wife and daughter sleep with him. Amanda has him look at his young daughter and asks him what he'd do to a person if they did what he did to her. He says he'd make them pay and she has that what he has to do for what he did.

Amanda even appears while he is taking a shower when his wife was home. One day, he is jogging and meets Amanda again and while talking he tells her to seek help but she has become unhinged to the point where she stabs in his shoulder. This would be their last encounter before she commits suicide.

After Amanda's death, Jim Cryer and Katheryn Cryer question Candace over what caused Amanda's breakdown and she tells them she was raped by Cannon. Jim and Katheryn track him down and visit him where they question him for a while and they manage to get him to admit he slept with their daughter. He states he thought Amanda was an escort like Candace which angers Jim to the point where he takes revenge for what he did to Amanda by violently beating the man calling him a thief but Katheryn tells him not to kill him that way. They leave before Jim kicks Cannon one last time.

Sometime later, Jim in an angry state arranges for the death of Cannon in his list of people he wanted dead. While giving a live speech, Jim comments that he hurt many people as this was happening Cannon is shot by an unknown assailant.