Melissa Wilson
Screenshot 251
Portrayed by Antoinette Robertson
First appearance Season Three
Gender Female
Age 25 (Deceased)
Residence Savannah, Georgia
Romantic Partners Jeffrey Harrington ( One night stand)
Parent(s) Unnamed Father (Father, deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Child(ren) Unborn Child (Via Jeffrey, Deceased)

Melissa Wilson is a law student, she's a student who was told by Veronica Harrington to go on a date with her only son Jeffrey Harrington. She was trying to make money for her parents, her father is in the hospital and needed money into pay the very expensive medical bill. She was told to make sure that Jeffrey would have sex with her so she could make him "straight" and have a child by him. If she doesn't have a child by Jeffrey Harrington she would lose everything due to Veronica extorting her family. She later ends up pregnant but Jeffrey refuses to play along with this however, Melissa refuse to abort her unborn child threatening to go after Jeffrey for child support if Veronica doesn't pay and something happens to her father. In Season 4, She attempts suicide when her father dies causing Jeffrey to worry. She later uses a coat hanger to take the baby's life, and in the season finale, she causes herself and Veronica to get into a car wreck.