LaQuita Maxwell
Gender Female
Parent(s) Mrs. Maxwell (Mother)
Sibling(s) Quincy Maxwell (brother, deceased
Unnamed Brother (brother, deceased)
Unnamed Sisters (Sisters)
Other Relations Quincy Young (nephew)
Unnamed nephews (nephews)
Unnamed Nieces

LaQuita Maxwell simply known as Quita is a main character of the haves and the have nots. She was a recurring character in Season 3 where she became an main character in Season 4.


LaQuita is a younger sister of Quincy Maxwell and the aunt of Quincy Jr. Before Quincy went to prison, he took his son away from Candace and had Laquita take care of him while telling Candace he killed their son which caused her to get the police and place him in jail unaware of her son's true fate.

Season 3Edit

For a few years, Laquita was the primary guardian of her nephew until Benny rescues Quincy jr. from her apartment as LaQuita tries to stop him but is pushed aside. Benny succeeds in taking his nephew to his mother where they discover that Quincy Jr. was being abused by LaQuita and needed medical attention. Later on, Quita is tending to her brother Quincy Sr.(who had been hurt by Benny Young) telling once he recovers he should get revenge on the Young Family for hurting him and taking Quincy Jr. away as she is waiting on a check. She then get a visit from the police who are searching for Q (who is hiding behind the door, she tells them she doesn't know where Quincy is. When the officer states that she investigating Quincy Jr.'s abuse, she deflects all blame on the Young Family and lies that the child had been with them as the officer leaves giving her a card. LaQuita tells Quincy to find his son at the hospital where Candace is most likely at, he agrees and tries to leave but she tells him to do so after the police go. This is the last known time she interacts with Quincy before his death.

Season 4Edit

LaQuita spends most of the season trying to locate her brother wondering where he went after going to Candace's house. Her search leads to her learning that one of her friends has been paid to kill Veronica Harrington. Later on, she gets a call from the police that they have her car and that a man named Jeffrey Harrington was driving in it and there was blood in it. This furthers her worry for her brother's whereabouts and with the help of a friend who tracked Quincy's cellphone and they break in to Candace's house where they find blood on the floor before they are arrested due to Candace's neighbor calling the police because LaQuita insulted her.

As they await arrest, LaQuita is silent as the police question their identities before her friend reveals their name and the officers learn she is the same LaQuita whose car they have before spotting Jeffrey Harrington and calling him over. They question LaQuita if she knows but she replies she doesn't until they reveal he was the person driving her car. LaQuita demands to know where her brother Quincy Maxwell is but Jeffrey doesn't answer and LaQuita is taken away. While in jail, LaQuita spots Veronica Harrington (who was being released) telling her that she is Quincy Maxwell's sister and that she is looking for him before revealing she thinks Candace and Jeffrey are involved.

Veronica tries to leave but LaQuita quickly tells her that her husband hired someone to kill her. She promises to reveal more if Veronica gets her released which does after a short time. She tells Veronica about Jeffrey driving her car when she broke into Candace's house and she found blood which led to her thinking they may have done something to him.

LaQuita soon finds out that Veronica had been spying on them after finding a wire on an old friend of hers and Quincy. She has the friend taken care of while she wonders what Veronica hoped to gain by this act.

LaQuita is later confronted by Veronica who slaps her and tells her she had a plan as LaQuita tells her she's trying to find her brother as Veronica says she will take care of that.

LaQuita then goes to the D.A. Office where upon seeing Candace and Benny, she angrily asked them where her brother was as they stated they didn't know. When she showed evidence of blood at the house Candace confirmed it was her but she doesn't know where Quincy is as Jennifer Sallison allowed them to leave as LaQuita demanded the D.A take action against her if something happened to her brother.

In the Season Finale, she watches as the police prepare to search Candace's house while once again insulting Candace's neighbor.



Quincy Maxwell (Older Brother)Edit

Is LaQuita's older brother, she is shown to love her brother as she help tend to his injuries caused by Benny. The two are united when it comes to getting back at the Young Family and taking Quincy Jr. back. In Season 4, LaQuita's care for her brother is shown as she spent most of the beginning of the season trying to locate her brother before deducing that Candace had a role in his disappearance. This caused her to break into Candace's house where a friend tracked Quincy's cellphone and they find blood on the floor before they are arrested. LaQuita's discovery led to her thinking Candace may have done something to him. When seeing Candace, LaQuita angrily asked where her brother was and demanded the D.A take action against her if something happened to her brother.

Quincy Young (Nephew)Edit

Is LaQuita's nephew who she cared for a few years while her brother was in prison. LaQuita was very abusive towards her nephew as he had a series of scars on his back that required treatment. At the hospital, it turns out his injuries that if his injuries weren't treated he would of died if they got infected showing how much pain she put her nephew through. She instructed Quincy Sr. to get him as she was awaiting a check.


Young FamilyEdit

Because Candace turned Quincy in to the police this has caused, LaQuita has come to hold a strong dislike for the Young's due to their involvement with her brother being sent to prison. When Benny Young broke in her home to take back Quincy Jr., she threatened to call the police but he pushed her down in a chair and found his nephew as LaQuita got up grabbing a broom to prevent him from taking her nephew but was unsuccessful. In Season 4, her dislike of them increases as she begins to suspect they were behind her brother's disappearance. In return the Young Family hold a strong dislike towards LaQuita due to her part in abusing Quincy Jr. as well as her trying to stop her from keeping the young child away from them.

Veronica HarringtonEdit

LaQuita heard of Veronica from a friend who said an associate was hired to kill Veronica. The two later met while Veronica was being released from jail and LaQuita told her of the attempt to kill her and promised to tell her more information if she was released. Veronica got LaQuita out and learned she was Quincy's sister as well as that "David" was planning to have her killed. She also found out that LaQuita suspected Candace and Jeffrey having something to do with Quincy vanishing. Veronica thanked her for the information and promised her a way to solve her questions but denied LaQuita a ride. In the Season four finale, LaQuita is later confronted by Veronica who slaps her and tells her she had a plan as LaQuita tells her she's trying to find her brother as Veronica says she will take care of that.

Jeffrey HarringtonEdit

LaQuita did not know of Jeffrey Harrington until she learns she had been arrested for drunk driving in his car which she loaned her brother. She began to suspect he may know what happened to Quincy after hearing there was blood in the car. While awaiting arrest, the police spot Jeffrey and call him over where they identify him and LaQuita questions him over what happened to her brother but Jeffrey was too nervous to answer. She comes to suspect that Jeffrey may have a played a part in Quincy's disappearance along with Candace.