Katheryn Cryer
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Portrayed by Renee Lawless-Orsini
First appearance Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots
Gender Female
Born 1964[1]
Occupation Heiress/Housewife
Residence Savannah, GA
Husband Jim Cryer (1988)[2]
Romantic Partners Three unnamed lovers
Parent(s) Mr. Hargrave (Father; deceased)
Child(ren) Wyatt Cryer (Son)
Amanda Cryer (Daughter; deceased)
Carlos Gonzales (Stepson)
Jimmy Gonzales (Stepson)
Sibling(s) Three unnamed siblings[3]
Other Relations Veronica Harrington (Former Best Friend)

David Harrington (friend)

Hanna Young (Close Friend)

 Katheryn Cryer  (neé Hargrave) is the true deuteragonist and antiheroine on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. She is portrayed by Renee Lawless


Katheryn is a high society socialite who enjoys playing her role as a wealthy housewife. But she absolutely hates her husband Jim .She tries to manage the affairs of her household and her family. She has two children in their 20s, Wyatt and Amanda. She worries about her son who she and her husband had committed to a rehabilitation facility due to drug addiction.

Season OneEdit

Katheryn is the wife of Judge Jim Cryer, a highly powerful Savannah Criminal Courts Judge. She is also the mother of Amanda, a college student; and Wyatt, a former heroin addict, who has been through three stints of rehabilitation. She was born into a wealthy family and dated Jim, despite her father's strenuous objections. As a result of their relationship, Katheryn became pregnant out of wedlock, and married Jim before the child was born.  

When we first meet Katheryn, she is a woman who is living behind a facade.  Her marriage to Jim is more or less a marriage of appearances, as she doesn't even sleep in the same bed with him. Katheryn knows all about Jim's numerous mistresses and flings, and views them as a long line of women who were pretty young and dumb. She refers to all of Jim's mistresses such as Celine and Candace as numbers  (four and nine respectively) as a way to show her contempt for them while.  She does not appear to have a lot of affection for her daughter Amanda and son Wyatt. She sees Wyatt as a disappointment, due to his substance abuse issues, and sees Amanda as much too fragile. When she hires a new maid named Hanna Young, she sees something in this woman that she can trust. As time passes, Hanna and Katheryn forge a solid friendship. 

Another secret that Katheryn is keeping from the family, is that she has breast cancer. Hanna finds out about it, and promises her employer and friend that she won't say anything about it. In fact, Hanna is by her side all the way through the surgery (though Katheryn tells her family she is going on a vacation).

When Candace Young, Hanna's estranged daughter, announces that she had an affair with Jim, Katheryn literally shamed her by calling her Nine, as Candace was the ninth affair that she knew about. 

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit



Jim CryerEdit

Jim is Katheryn's husband, though the two are not in a happy marriage and have not been since before the beginning of the series. Katherine's marriage is also apparently loveless and sexless, as the two are shown to no longer even share a bed late in season 1. Katheryn appears to turn a blind eye to Jim's numerous affairs though she is shown to make fun of and assign numbers to them so that they remain "nameless" to her; for instance, she calls Candace Young "Nine", as she is apparently Jim's ninth mistress. Also while talking to Wyatt she reveals while Jim was having affairs she had some as well, something which shocked Jim who jealously asked who she was with.

Wyatt CryerEdit

Wyatt is Katheryn and Jim's son, a drug addict and alcoholic who is prime source of disdain for both his parents. Katheryn and Jim have repeatedly tried to help Wyatt get clean but to no avail. Wyatt was apparently the victim of sexual abuse by a trusted family priest as a young boy. Katheryn appears to be very caring towards Wyatt expressing worry when he is involved in a hit and run and even more so when he is arrested in a later episode. However, when Wyatt's vices return he goes on a rant through the house and tells both his parents to go to hell. Katheryn expressed anger and worry for her son telling Jim to take care of him to which the latter does by having Wyatt spend a week in prison as that was what he wanted and was not afraid of. Katheryn was concerned for son but Jim assured her he was protected by the officers at the prison and he was only there until he's back in line.

Amanda Cryer Edit

Amanda is Kathryn and Jim's daughter, an easily influenced young college student. Katheryn appears to love her as she does to son, considering her wishy washy and weak minded while at the same time hoping that she isn't being used by Candace. After going to her husband's she becomes shocked to find out that her daughter committed suicide and broke down in an unresponsive state. Katheryn reminisced on Amanda's childhood remembering how she protected her and tended to her when she had an accident. Katheryn angrily blamed Jim for his stubbornness over not getting their daughter committed stating she could have received proper help that way. Katheryn would continuously wonder why her daughter did such an act until finding out from Candace that Amanda was raped by her law professor at which she told Jim with a firm voice "Find that son of a bitch". Katheryn later had Hanna find her Amanda's diary and upon reading it she tearfully call Jim and confirmed that their child was raped and told him once more to find her rapist.


Hanna Young Edit

Hanna is one of  the Cryer's maids, a poor woman whom Katheryn hires in the pilot after a maid already working in the household sets up an interview for her. The two women grow close when Hanna comes into work one day and finds her employer ill. Katheryn reveals she is sick because she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and Hanna (a breast cancer survivor herself) provides her with medicinal marijuana to ease her pains. Later, Kathryn goes with Hanna to secretly check herself into the hospital for cancer treatment under the ruse that they are going on a "vacation" together. As a favor to Hanna, Katheryn secretly had her injured son Benny transported to a better hospital after he received poor medical treatment from the woefully county hospital. She even paid the bill when Benny recovered from his injuries something that Hanna was very grateful for.

As time wears on, Hanna and Katheryn truly become best friends. Their stations in life may be totally different, but the women have the same issues in dealing with their grown children, as well as they have so many things in common. In many ways, Katheryn considers Hanna as not just her best friend, but her only friend, as her other "friend", Veronica Harrington, is not very trustworthy and only sees Katheryn as a friend for appearances.


Candace YoungEdit

Candace is Hanna's daughter, Amanda's schoolmate and Jim's former mistress, an escort he met online who initially went by the pseudonym "Candy". To Katheryn, she is "Nine", a nameless, faceless number, so called because she is Jim's ninth known mistress. Kathryn begins to suspect the affair when Amanda brings Candace home with her from college and notices Jim ogling her. When it is confirmed to her she officially gives Candace her number and directly expresses her contempt for the young girl. When Candace shows up Amanda's funeral and offers her condolences to the family, Katheryn calmly invites her to the House to grieve with them. Once at the Cryer mansion, Candace speaks with Jim and Katheryn who demand answers as to why Amanda committed suicide, Candace refused to say anything and put blame on them. However, Katheryn would not take this as an answer and taking a wine bottle she smashed it on Candace's head knocking her out. Katheryn and Jim would interrogate Candace. When Hanna defended Candace they question her again about Amanda, she reveals their daughter was raped by her law professor. This shocked the Cryers who struggled with this new information until coming to terms with it at which Katheryn told Jim with a firm voice "Find that son of a bitch". Katheryn later read Amanda's diary and discovered Candace was telling the truth.

Celine GonzalesEdit

A Cryer family maid and another one of Jim's mistresses, Celine has worked for the family for many years and is very trusted, so much so that Katheryn agrees to see Hanna Young for an interview when Celine brings her in. As Celine is another of Jim's many mistresses, Katheryn holds great contempt for her and refers to her as "four" btred Katheryn holds for Candace. Celine is more direct and blunt than Candace is when dealing with Katheryn as Celine is able to back the matriarch down. When Amanda committed suicide, Celine asked the police to let her leave the house and insensitively stated Amanda killed herself while in front of the grieving family and friends. This pushed Katheryn to the brink and she attacked Celine before the police stopped her and told Celine to go, Katheryn told the maid on her way out she was fired.

Professor CannonEdit

Was the law professor of Katheryn's daughter Amanda when Jim and Katheryn were questioning Candace over why Amanda had a breakdown and committed suicide Candace revealed she was raped by her law professor. This shocked the Cryers who struggled with this new information until coming to terms with it at which Katheryn told Jim with a firm voice to find him. Later, from reading her dairy she sadly confirmed their daughter was raped by her former teacher and she told Jim once more to find him.

The pair later personally confronted the professor questioning him and after he confirms his deeds, Katheryn watched calmly as Jim angrily beat the man until telling him to stop calmly saying "Not this way, Not this way" hinting she has more satisfying way to punish him.

Jennifer SallisonEdit

Is a DA officer Katheryn met when Wyatt was arrested for his hit and run. At first, Katheryn said Jennifer was her kind of a woman due to her hatred of Jim but got angered that Jim implied he slept with her on occasions. In Season 3, Katheryn developed a hatred for Jennifer when she gave Wyatt his large inheritance which led to her confronting Jennifer about this and threatened to come after her if something happen to him. She was later angered to see Jennifer after learning of her son having an overdose and being presumed dead as a result. She threatened to shoot Jennifer but calm down when Jennifer revealed that Wyatt was still alive and was in a medically induced coma at the hospital. However, Katheryn refused to see her son in the hospital and told the DA officer that she better bring Wyatt back to the way he was before she gave him his money. In the Season 3 finale, she invited Jennifer over so they discuss things and learn that Jim and Jennifer never slept together and she was still going to have Wyatt testify. Katheryn asked once more to give her back control over Wyatt's inheritance but was refused and as a result Katheryn shot Jennifer four times with a gun. Jennifer called Katheryn "a bitch" before being shot again killing her.

Veronica Harrington Edit

Veronica and Kathryn are extremely close friends who appear to have grown up together. The two are seen sharing breakfast during the first season and talking about their lives and their husbands political careers, which the women appear to manage behind the scenes. Eventually Katheryn changes somewhat and begins to distance herself from Veronica who she realizes wasn't such a close friend after all. This insinuation was later confirmed when Katheryn attempted to tell Veronica her son was gay and she needed to accept it but the latter would not listen to her. When visiting and talking to Hanna Young, Katheryn revealed that veronica was never a close friend of hers and Hanna was all she really had. Also, Katheryn expressed surprise that Veronica had the car that Wyatt used in his hit and run as well as Veronica secretly ordered for her son Wyatt to be raped in prison. In the Season 3 finale, she invited Veronica over and confronted her about her actions while calling her "a bitch" but complimenting her on skills as an attorney. Katheryn told Veronica she will teach Veronica fear which she does by cold shooting Jennifer Sallison four times. Katheryn then told the terrified Veronica that her job is to get her off free.


  1. April 7, 1979; Katheryn revealed that she 15 on that date when she met Jim and that it had been 35 years since that day.
  2. The Big Surprise: Katheryn says she and Jim have been married for 25 years.
  3. Playing in the Deep End; Stated by Candace