Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis
Portrayed by Nicholas J. Muscarella
First appearance The Waters Run Deep
Gender Male
Occupation Police Officer
Residence Savannah, Georgia
Ex-Wife Kcy Rose
Romantic Partners Jeffrey Harrington (Boyfriend, In Love With, Abusive)
Parent(s) Pearl Barnett (Mother)
Child(ren) Unnamed Daughter
Sibling(s) Unnamed Sister (Sister)

Officer Justin Lewis is a main character in The Haves and The Have Nots


When he is first introduced, Justin is portrayed as corrupt as he sometimes abuses his status as an officer to force people int doing what he says. Later on, Jeffrey deduces that Justin is a homophobic, repressed, arrogant, closeted gay who became a cop because of his mother's commands. Justin gets rather angry when Jeffrey accused him of this but was unable to take action because Jeffrey blackmailed him.

Despite his previous actions, when Jeffrey contacted him for help after stabbing Veronica, Justin did not attempt to arrest him or blackmail him. He was also willing to help Jeffrey hide any evidence from his fellow officers when they were prepared to search Candace's house even though he had no obligation to do so.


In his first appearance, Justin comes to Candace's house, minutes after Quincy had been stabbed, to check out a noise complaint from his mother, Candace's neighbor.

He later arrests Jeffrey who went drunk driving in the car of LaQuita Maxwell. Justin treats Jeffrey rather cruelly before his superiors contact him telling him they want Jeffrey brought in for questioning. Justin is left confused by this asking Jeffrey who he was before taking him to the station.

At another point, he goes back to Candace's house where he tells Jeffrey he did a background check on him and asks him of his relationship with Candace and what occurred that he did that made his superiors want him to investigate him. Justin almost raped Jeffrey but the latter fought back and Justin pulled a gun on him and left the house.

In the episode Criminology 101 To Season 4 Episode 16 A Heart of A Man, while meeting his wife at Sarandon Hotel, he sees Jeffrey speaking to his wife and her friends. His wife leaves to check on their kids while Justin threatens to kill him because of his encounter with his wife.

Instead of being intimidated, Jeffrey invited Justin to his room where he propositions and tells Justin that he can tell that Justin is a closeted gay who became a cop because of his mother's commands. Justin states that isn't the case and Jeffrey threatens to expose this secret causing Justin to be silent. Justin and Jeffrey then sleep together as Justin remained adamant about not enjoying the encounter causing Jeffrey to leave him handcuffed as he tries to get free which he later does and leaves the hotel. Through this encounter, Justin became Jeffrey Harrington's lover as Jeffrey threatened to reveal Justin's secret and their encounter.

On one night, he is sleeping in bed with his wife before he gets a call from Jeffrey telling him to meet him at the Sarandon though Justin tries to ignore this he decides to go anyway. He gets out of bed as his wife asks him what's wrong and he explains he has to work as she states he was supposed to be off but he tells her it's urgent and he has to go. His wife understands and tells him he loves as he tells her the same before kissing her and leaving.

He goes to the Sarandon and visits Jeffrey's room where Jeffrey tells him he stabbed his mother and is afraid that he may have killed her or she survived and called the police. In response, Justin contacts the station while telling Jeffrey to relax as he asks if they have a warrant for a Jeffrey Harrington but reply with a negative. Justin denies asking them about a Veronica Harrington as it will look suspicious. The two soon go to Candace's house where they sit in the backyard as Candace arrives questioning them as Jeffrey reveals his confession to her about stabbing his mother.

In the Season 4 finale, he call Jeffrey to tell him he and his fellow officers are being called to search Candace's house and he asks if there was something he was hiding there but Jeffrey is too nervous to answer. Justin says he is the first one on the scene and he could help if Jeffrey tells him where to which Jeffrey reluctantly tells him a spot in the backyard as his fellow officers arrive and he goes to search.