Hanna Young
Hanna Young
Portrayed by Crystal Fox
First appearance The Big Surprise
Gender Female
Age 51
Born c. 1967[1]
Employer The Cryers
Occupation Maid
Residence 1361 Jordan Street[2]
Savannah, GA
Romantic Partners Tony Watson (Ex-lover), Derrick, lover
Child(ren) Candace Young (daughter)
Benny Young (son)
Sibling(s) Unnamed sister (deceased)
Other Relations Quincy Young (grandson, deceased)


Hanna Young is the true main protagonist in The Haves and the Have Nots. She is portrayed by Crystal Fox. Hanna is a maid and friend of the Cryers and mother of Candace and Benny Young.


Hanna Young is a very loving, religious and devoted woman who has had a rough past before the birth of her children. In fact in her younger years Hanna was a woman that was very immoral, promiscuous and devoid of all kind of manner she had slept with many men single or married however, these sexual adventures had resulted in the birth of her children forcing her to give up that life in order to care for both her children on her own without the support from either one of the children's fathers. Hanna now older and wiser is an extremely virtuous woman who has worked as a maid for quite some time and has put her past behind her believing that God has forgiven her for the awful mistakes that she made. Hanna is a kind woman that has gained the praise and trust of many people around her such as her son, her boss Katheryn, and many others that can only say good things about her. However there are only two known people that truly raise her fury would be her immoral and promiscuous daughter Candace who manipulates others for her personal reasons and refuses to tell Hanna the location of her grandson Quincy Daylon Young and Tony Watson (the absentee father of her son Benjamin "Benny" Young). 

Season OneEdit

Hanna is the mother of Benny, a tow truck driver, and Candace, a law student however her relationship with her children are very distinct. While she is very supportive and loving to her son Benny even saying that he is the only person on earth she has a good relationship with because of all his good choices in life while she is very cold and estranged towards her more selfish and self serving daughter, Candace (who reminds Hanna of a younger version of herself). She takes a job as a maid at the home of Judge Jim Cryer and his wife, Katheryn. At first, Hanna's friend is Celine Gonzales, but they become estranged, as Hanna finds a friend and kindred spirit in her new employer, Katheryn with whom she has stood by in her hour of need when her employer had breast cancer. She is there to help her boss through her breast cancer surgery. She is in possession of Katheryn's will, which stipulates that Jim would never receive a dime of her money; and her children's trusts are also in her possession.

Hanna is shown to be proud when her son goes out and becomes a tow truck driver and makes a well paid amount of money. She is shown to be over protective of him warning him not to be close with his hopeless sister and particularly nosy in his love life as she sets him up with a young girl from her church but soon faces a tragedy when her son is arrested for drug possession while driving his sister's car to pick the girl up. She is informed by Tony Watson (her old lover and Benny's biological father) that he is being framed by someone she goes to the jailhouse to bail him out however, she finds out that the charges are too steep and he is set for trial. Fortunately he is bailed out by Veronica Harrington a very successful lawyer who tells the Youngs that all the evidence went missing and he is free to go home. Because of this Hanna has become forever indebted to Veronica as she helped her and Benny in their time of need and continously thanks her whenever interacting with her.

Hanna later has a discussion with Benny which soon becomes tense as they talk about Candace's lifestyle and how Hanna's choices were no better and she lets it slip that Benny's father is Tony Watson. A little shocked and angered by the hidden news he leaves to make tows while his mother tries to disuade him from leaving but he still leaves. 

Later that night she has a conversation with Katheryn and the two are shown to be very friendly as they talk about Katheryn's health and Hanna's children. They soon tell each other good night until a surprise comes through the door. It is Wyatt intoxicated with a bruised face who talks about how he thinks he killed someone with his car and left them on the side of the road. Hanna listens closely as Wyatt is scolded by his father and comforted by his mother before he is escorted out the room by Jim who sends Hanna out saying she didn't hear a thing. Unbeknowst to everyone present the man Wyatt had struck with his car was Hanna's son Benny who was doing a tow before he was struck by an intoxicated Wyatt. Later that night Hanna is visited by the police who says there has been accident, one that will soon be the center of attention in Atlanta.


Season ThreeEdit



Candace Young (Daughter)Edit

Candace is Hanna's daughter who is a law student and a former escort. She has an estranged and somewhat adversarial relationship with her mother. Hanna is extremely distrustful of her daughter, because of her past history (even though Candace's action resemble a young Hanna's actions). This treatment is well reciprocated as candace blames her mother's poor choices for the way she was brought up and openly treats hanna with utter disgust. Indeed whenever Candace tries to interact with her mother on a civilized level the two often come to blows and yell at each other.Though there have been some occasions where candace has tried to make up with her mother but each time she is rejected as Hanna sticks to her beliefs over her daughter being a corrupt, immoral girl who cares for no one but herself. 

The one thing that the two share is their love for Benny and when the young man was on life support this had united mother and daughter who for the first time were ready to cooperate with each other for a common goal. Despite the distrust between the two Hanna still shows she has some maternal love for her daughter warning her not to continue her affair with Jim Cryer as well as attempting to warn her daughter she should savior the time she has with her own son. She also refkected on the times where candace would play with her brother in their childhood with nostalgia but wonders how she turned out to be so bad as an adult. When Candace was forced to hide out at her house Hanna quickly questions her over the location of her son and continues to until she is told he is dead. With this she pays close attention to Candace's story of what Quincy did to her grandson and becomes deeply disturbed and perhaps guilty over how she unknowingly question Candace of a hard story. After this was done she allows Candace to stay after some pressing arguments by Benny and while getting out some more barbs at one another they have a family moment with benny on the couch. Later the next night Hanna talks with Candace and this time she tells her that Quincy didn't kill her son and while Candace wasn't convinced Hanna made her see how it is possible Quincy played and used her son as leverage to get the money he extorted from her. This made Candace question her over where her son might be if he this was true to which her mother said she didn't know but will find him one way soon. During their talk she refers to Candace as "Daughter" in affectionate way showing that despite not liking how Candace turned out she still does care for her daughter just as any mother would. Later on, Hanna went to Candace's hotel room where she tearfully apologized for not giving her the life she wanted as a child and for unknowingly dating a man who was secretly molesting a young Candace. Hanna confessed she made mistakes in her younger years and hugged her daughter (who while slightly touched) didn't respond to this revelation.

When Quincy Maxwell showed up at her house with his son, he gave Hanna the option of letting her take care of her grandson in exchange for telling him where Candace was. Hanna was unable or unwilling to tell Quincy where she was forcing Quincy to take back his son. She would then visit Candace again while looking for Benny during her meeting, she would tell Candace that her son was still alive and after some convincing she asked where he might be only for Candace to say she didn't know. Hanna once again lost her patience with Candace and expressed disgust along with blame on her for the drama she has put their family in. When meeting Candace at her home, she blatantly told Candace of her sight with Quincy Jr. and warned her not to attend Amanda Cryer's funeral lest she'd face the Cryer's wrath only to be ignored. However, when Jim and Katheryn attacked Candace and held her hostage for questions, Hanna was quick to jump to her daughter's aid stating while she doesn't get along with her daughter Candace is still her child and she will protect her anytime. Also Hanna believed Candace's revelation about Amanda being raped stating she knows when her daughter is telling the truth about something. Though Candace didn't show it, she was grateful to her mother for the help. When talking to a Foster Care lady about Quincy Jr., Hanna expressed the truth about what she thinks about Candace telling the lady she is a con-artist who always up to no good this leads to an argument at the hospital. Later on, when talking to Katheryn Cryer she states while Candace always does bad things she is still her child.

Their relationship to date is further strained as they have found the whereabouts of Candice's son Quincy, Jr, however Child Protective Services retained custody of him. With the help of her boss Mrs. Cryer (who knew the judge handling his case), Hanna was able to ultimately get custody of the child. However, due to Candace's constant thuggish ways, she was able to frighten the poor weakling of a caseworker into removing the child from Hanna's care. Hanna then went to Candace's home to plead with her daughter to release the child back to her so she could raise him in stability. As the two continued their exchanges as usual an outright explosion of emotions took place (due to a derogatory remark Candace made to spite her mother)and Hanna slaps Candace in disgust, but to everyone's utter shock, Candace slaps Hanna back which causes Hanna to fly into a rage and lounges at her yelling "I WILL KILL YOU!!" to which Candace angrily responds "DO IT HANNA - DO IT!!". Benny intervenes between the two desperately trying to diffuse the both of them. Hanna then declares that this marks the day she will officially "give up" on her daughter because of her ultimate act of disrespect and hitting her and tearfully informs a now obviously regretful tearful Candace that even as she has still offered prayers on her behalf that she has heard God tell her stop praying for her daughter. A revelation that shocks them all to emotional hurt but Candace still manages to make another spiteful remark as a broken hearted Hanna leaves the two of them there.

Candace went onto refer to her mother by her name and their tension increased when War killed her son and she blamed Hanna who tries to state it wasn't her fault though expresses disgust at Candace's vindictiveness. However, Candace and Hanna united to beat Jim up once learning he arranged for Benny to stabbed. Hanna swore if Jim attacked Benny or Candace, she'd kill him and showed no fear in making this remark. Hanna would have attacked again, though Candace stopped her and they left. It was worth noting, Candace called her "Mama" again and seemed worried for her.

Benjamin "Benny" Young (Son)Edit

Benny is Hanna's son, with whom she is extremely close. It appears that Benny is happy to live with his mother. She is extremely proud of him, as he is in business as a tow truck driver and aids him whenever she can with the little she has. She does become angry when she learns he mortgaged her house to help Candace, but eventually forgives him.  She also often meddles in his love life, at one point setting him up on a date with a girl from her church. She is shocked when she learns he seemingly stood the girl up, only to find out he was arrested for possession  while driving Candace's car. She does everything she can to get him off and is relieved when he is released proclaiming she won't let him out of her sight and showers him with nothing but attention. During a talk the two discuss benny's time in jail and candace whom benny sharply calls hanna out for her mistreatment of. It is during this talk benny learns that his father is Tony Watson when saying that hanna hooked up with a married man to have him. Distraught and upset by this news benny heads out for work while hanna tries to stop him so they can talk more about the issue only to be rejected by her son who still leaves .Later, Hanna faces another tragedy when Benny is hit by a strung out Wyatt Cryer, leaving him on life support at the hospital. She does her best to make sure her son lives through his condition but when his father Tony intervenes she must fight to make sure he lives. Despite her best efforts she loses and is distraught at the news that her son will die she begs tony not to remove benny but he is admandant with his decision with that she tearfully asks for permission to say goodbye to her son. She rushes to the hospital and finds that benny is gone and becomes depressed that he left her life but can't mourn for long as she is arrested while in jail she alerts the police of wyatt's actions for running over her son and killing a little girl named lizzie. Hanna later learns that benny was transported to a private hospital and when she calls katheryn she is relieved to find out that he is still alive and is getting real help from doctors who know what to do.  She was later elated that he started breathing on his own after being given medication from the doctors and when tony had found out where benny was she defended him from him proclaiming him to be alive. Hanna was extremely shocked and happy when she heard Benny talking and even more so after he fully woke up and showed that his mobility and memory was fully intact from the wreck. She told the doctor who was astonished by Benny's recovery that she was blessed by God to have him alive and well.  

Quincy Young (Grandson via Candace Young)Edit

Quincy Jr. or "Q" was the five year old grandson of Hanna young via her daughter Candace he has yet to appear on screen but he is the main topic in the interactions with his mother and grandmother. Hanna is shown to deeply love her grandson as she mentions to having raised the boy for many years until he was taken away by his mother. Hanna frequently harasses Candace to tell her where he is and bring her this child only to be rejected by her daughter who refuses to say a word about her son. Candace once said the child is with his father (though this later turned out to be a lie) and Hanna had questioned where they are only for this to be ignored by her daughter who was concerned about her brother. When Benny was in the hospital she said she was worried about Quincy due to a little girl being involved in the hit and run and asked Candace once more where her grandchild was and threatened to call the police if she wasn't inform in twenty four hours but this was brushed aside. In a later conversation with Michael Castill (the grandfather of the girl that was killed) she stated that she would fight to get her grandchild even if her daughter won't tell her where he is. When visited by Quincy Maxwell (the boy's father) she was shocked to learn that he was in jail and angrily asked him where his son was as Candace said he was with him only for the father to reply he didn't have him as he was in jail. She later had her police friend Byron put up a search for the boy and bring him to her as she was really worried about the boy another show a love for her grandson. When Hanna confronted Candace once more she was ignored again but unlike before Hanna angrily questioned this doing so repeatedly this time. Candace tried to lie about the location again only for hanna to reveal she knew this was a lie as the father himself told her that the baby isn't with him. Even when Benny was about to leave and find Quincy for hurting his sister Hanna was intent on finding out where her grandson is and was deeply stunned and silent when hearing that "He's dead !!!" come from Candace's mouth. She was deeply disturbed when she heard the story of how he was killed and this caused tears to come into her eyes after that the life of little boy was taken by his own father who would beat the child's mother without remorse. Hanna later tells Candace that Quincy(the son) is not dead but that his father just conned Candace out of money and used their son as leverage and made her think about her story of how Quincy killed their son seemed farfetched. She then tells Candace while she doesn't know where he is she will not rest until she does find him showing her care for her grandson. When Quincy showed up at her home with his son, Hanna was deeply shocked but happy to see her little grandson (alive) hugging the boy upon seeing him after a long time. When Quincy offered to let him stay with her she quickly accepted it but was forced to pick through the options of telling him where Candace was or taking care of her grandson. When she was unable to pick a decision, Quincy prepared to take his son away but Hanna pleaded with him only to be repelled. Hanna was forced to watch while crying as Quincy took the boy away from her again. She was overjoyed when Benny returned to the house carrying her grandchild at which she ran to embrace the young child. Upon finding that he was hurt by Quincy and his sister Hanna fell into a depression and began praying before taking her grandson to the hospital. At the Hospital, Hanna was very heartbroken to learn that the young boy suffered serious injuries while he was gone. But her biggest pain would be when the CPS(Child Protective Services) and the police arrive to take him away thinking she and benny were responsible for his injuries. Hanna then explained what really happened to the child and begged the Doctor, a Child Protective Service worker and Police officer to let her see the baby and when they did the boy asked Hanna to hold his hand which she did without hesitation. Hanna would then ask to gain full custody of the child.

Unnamed Sister (Deceased)Edit

In a conversation with Michael who talked about his drug addicted daughter Hanna mentions having a sister who had an addiction to crack which she later died from some years ago. It is unknown what her sister's name is or if they were close but the sound in Hanna's voice implies that she seemed to cherish her sibling and was deeply sadden by her passing.


Celine Gonzales (Former Friend)Edit

Celine is another maid in the Cryer household who gets Hanna a job interview in season 1. Although the two women are close at first, Celine soon becomes jealous when Katheryn begins to favor Hanna, leaving the friendship in tatters. In season 2, when hanna is taking time off tend to her son benny she calls the cryer mansion and each time celine answers and promises to tell Katheryn she should call hanna but in the end her jealously leads her to lie. Katheryn eventually put a stop to this by confronting celine and was able to get in contact with her friend whose son was in need of urgent help. They later have a confrontation when hanna is asked over why she takes so much time off and when mocked by celine this leads to a real fight between then which no doubts causes the two become enemies. However, when it was revealed by the Police that Wyatt Cryer was arrested for running over lizzie and benny, celine sounded as if she felt guilty about her ridicule towards hanna upon learning that she was tending to her comatose son after it was revealed on to the public. However, when Hanna returned to work Celine treated her with disdain and unfairly demanded that she apologize which made Hanna stand her ground and tell off Celine which was a contrasting to how she passively let Celine get away with her ridicule. This shows that their relationship is still on tense terms but with her recent fight to tend to her son Hanna will no longer allow Celine to walk all over her.

Tony Watson (Baby Daddy)Edit

Is the ex-lover of Hanna Young and is the biological father of her son Benjamin "Benny" Young in the past hanna was very much like candance as she slept around with men without caring if they were single or married. At some point in the past hanna met and had an affair with tony which led to their son being born but the two have since split off on unknown terms likely on bad terms from their look of standing. Hanna treats Tony with the same distrust she does with Candace due to him not playing a part in raising benny and warns him not to ruin the only relationship she has on earth. Even when tony tries to be kind to her and make amends with her he is always refused as hanna believes benny is much better off without tony being in his life. Despite this Tony once warned hanna over their son being arrested and though treated with disgust she still listened to what he had to say over benny's incarceration and how he was being framed. Later after benny is run down by wyatt both fight over benny remaining on life support and this feud ended with tony winning the law battle in order to obtain benny's kidneys. When hanna begs tony not to remove her son he states it already been done and she asks at least to say goodbye to her only son but is again rejected by tony who sticks to his decision. He and his lawyer later visit Hanna in jail and ask over benny's location as he was taken out of the hospital and flown by a private helicopter to an unknown location hanna having no knowledge of the event questions this news however tony perceives as playing dumb and states he will have benny removed from life support.  Later he visited hanna and asked where benny was saying that he can't rely on dialysis for the rest of his life and says that benny can save him as he doesn't want to die only to be scolded by hanna who did not hold any symphany toward him. She said that he's doing what he does best when dealing with benny thinking about himself and treating his son like trash like he used to she told him to leave or she's calling the police. Tony would then follow hanna to the hospital and argue with her over taking benny off life support but hanna said " You are not touching my son !" when he said that benny was brain dead but he was proven wrong when benny wakes up with his body being functional. Tony watched as hanna embraced her awoken son and quietly left the room feeling guilty about almost taking the life of the son whom he proclaimed dead still be alive. Hanna still shows that she has contempt for Tony after benny says that he wants to get to know his father now that he knows of their relationship but hanna angry at tony for what he put them through is untrusting of this but keeps it to herself.

Wyatt CryerEdit

As the son of her employers hanna had worked for the cryer family and throughout the first season she had no thoughts over wyatt (vice-versa) however in the season 1 finale she over hears him come home high claiming he hit someone with his car (unknown to the cryers and hanna her son benny). In season 2 she tends to her wounded son Benny and while doing so she begins to wonder if wyatt had anything to do with her son in the hospital  as she remembered he came home and thought he hit someone with his car. Later she tearfully asks Katheryn if he was the one who did it but is given no answer by his mother who kept repeating she came to help benny however, she is rejected by hanna. Later when benny "dies" and hanna is arrested for unknown incident she didn't commit she assumes jim had her jailed to protect his son and now pushed beyond angered tells the police that wyatt hit her son and killed lizzie this leads to the cryer boy being arrested for hit and run. Hanna told katheryn that she could not sacrifice her son benny for her son and though she apologize afterwards she still wanted wyatt to go to jail to pay for his actions which have caused her family great grief. As the news of wyatt's arrest spread around Georgia hanna showed some guilt about giving up wyatt even after his mother sent benny to a better hospital to receive better care for his injuries but she was relieved that the truth was coming out. When wyatt was released from prison after a press conference concocted by his father saying he had struck someone else not benny and lizzie hanna had knew better and later told dectective byron that she was intent on making him pay for what he's done planning to testify against him. Later on after a news report states that a man matching wyatt's description has been arrested hanna had believed this story and went to the Cryer Manor to aplogize for her actions against them and even wanted to see wyatt to apologize for nearly ruining his life (unaware that he was truly the man that committed the hit and run and jim just had someone take the fall for his crime).

Quincy Maxwell (Via. Candace)Edit

Is the ex-boyfriend of hanna's daughter Candace as well as the father of her grandson Quincy Daylon Young. Not much is known about their relationship but quincy seems to show that he saw her as mother figure saying sarcastically "What's up mama?" upon seeing her after three whole years. Hanna was deeply shocked at seeing him in her house after he snuck in through the window and sat down quietly as she was about to undress in her living room. This shock later became anger after he insulted her and she told him to get out but was ignored as he asked for Candace's wherabouts. Hanna then nervously tried to threaten him with a baseball bat and even saying she would call the police only for the released convict to act casual about this predicament and reveal that he intends to find candace and make her pay for putting him on lockdown for three years. Hanna was shocked at this and questioned him about the location for his son but quincy did not know that his son wasn't with candace during his incarcearation. When hanna called the police to report quincy breaking in her house she once more demanded the location of her grandson only for quincy to grab her by the robe and hold her against the couch. Hanna was scared at this moment as quincy had a tight grip on her and look as if he was going to kill her but after gazing at her he suddenly released her and walked out through the front door and hanna quickly locked the doors and reported to him to the police. She later told her friend Byron that quincy was a "thuggish" boyfirend of her daughter clearly holding great contempt for the man whose actions left her shaken up. It is likely that hanna's feelings toward quincy have now bordered on hatred after hearing from candace that he took the life of her grandson (his own son) this is backed up when stating "That boy's a murderer ! I'm not about to let him come up in here and kill us all looking for her !!! ". This shows she greatly resents quincy for what he's done to her family. Hanna would have another visit from Quincy this time with her grandson (still alive), he makes her an offer in exchange for her baby grandson she needs to tell him where Candace was only for this to be rejected. Quincy took his son and strike Hanna for trying to stop him from leaving and she was left crying on the ground. While at the hospital with Benny and Quincy Jr. Hanna asked benny how he got him to which he revealed the story of how bailed Quincy out and beat him until he told him so. Hanna was distraught at her this and stated "That boy's going to kill all of us" to which benny rebuked. However, Hanna's fear momentarily resurface upon seeing a limping Quincy walk into the building but she was relieved when he did not take any notice of them.


Katheryn CryerEdit

Katheryn is Hanna's well to do employer and one of her close friends. Though initially strictly a business relationship, the women bond when Hanna discovers her ill boss shortly after coming in to work one day. Katheryn reveals she has breast cancer and has not told anyone in her family. Hanna, who is herself a cancer survivor, aids Katheryn in secret by giving her medical marijuana and going to the hospital with her to have the tumors removed under the guise of a vacation.


Hanna met Michael at the same hospital Benny was in and learned that his six year old granddaughter Lizzie had been hit by the same person who hit Benny. When Michael learns his grandchild died Hanna sympathizes with him as they both experience the pain of losing someone they held dear and had understood what the other was going through. Michael often spoke to Hanna in a friendly way and told her that he will find the person (Wyatt) responsible and make sure he suffers for his actions he had proclaimed it was sickening that the driver kept going after hitting Benny and a defenseless little girl. He had said he was angry and when he asked Hanna if she was angry she replied that she is holding on by a thread but the most important thing to her was tending to her beloved son. Understanding this Michael complimented her for having more patience than he had and left her an invitation to Lizzie's funeral which Hanna attended without protest to support Michael. The pair's relationship seems to resemble a friendship as Michael mowed Hanna's yard, stopped by the hospital to give Hanna food and support for her son by joining in with her with prayer. Michael longs for a good friend and it meets Hanna right as she needs the same. They are a great comfort to one another. The fans eagerly await the reunion between Michael and Hanna. With all the turmoil in Hanna's life currently on the show she could use her Boaz Michael. Join the conversation on all social media platforms using the hashtag #HannaandMichaelHAHN . (2018)  


  1. In Crisis; Hanna said she was 22 years old when Candace was 5 years old.
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