David Harrington
Portrayed by Peter Parros
First appearance "The Big Surprise"
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Judge
Residence Savannah, GA
Ex-Wife Veronica Harrington
Romantic Partners Maggie Day (lover, deceased)

Erica (girlfriend, deceased)

Child(ren) Unnamed child (son; stillborn)
Jeffrey Harrington (son)
Other Relations Unnamed Father-in law (Father-in-law)
Unborn Grandchild(Grandson or granddaughter) Jim Cryer (best friend
Katheryn Cryer (friend)

Judge David Harrington  is a main character on the drama, Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. He is portrayed by Peter Parros .


David and his wife, Veronica are very wealthy and close friends with the affluent Cryer family. David is a judge and he is shown to be successful financial planner.

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In Season 4 Episode 3: "It's OK to Love" David is stuck in the middle of the fight between Katheryn and Veronica. David gets Jim out jail and get Katheryn off of Veronica, and clean up the mess she's created.



Veronica HarringtonEdit

Veronica is David's wife and mother to the couple's son Jeffrey. The two appear to be happily married, although Veronica does sometimes interfere with David's plans. 

Their relationship some fierce problems regarding their son and veronica's mistrust in David all of which led to a brief separation and David moving out until Veronica changed her wicked ways. However, their real problem occurred when David found out that Veronica personally allowed Quincy Maxwell (a murderer Veronica recently freed) to attack their son, leaving him very wounded. David lashed out at his wife and called her a "Delusional, vindictive simple witch" which angered her and caused her to fall in crazed state in which she would threaten to kill him when he moved back in. David cast aside these threats and promised to get veronica help for her mad heartless behavior but as he slept Veronica laced the house with gasoline and lit a match attempting to burn her husband alive.

However, David managed to survive the fire and woke up looking for Veronica leaving the burning house to find her on the porch. The two talk and as they do David learns it was she who set the fire in attempt to kill him for his alleged cheating which shocks and breaks David's heart as the reality of his wife trying to kill him sinks in. The next day, they would discuss the previous events and David asked his wife if she would have really let him burn only for to say she would be a "grieving" widow that day. David was truly heartbroken but would continue to love his wife despite her ways and still try to get her professional help.

However David was continue harassed by Veronica do out her jealousy of his new lover Erica and find his location of the house that she vent on that it belongs to her and not Erica which however Veronica sent someone to kill her and David which Erica and David was unknown that the fire had connected with the gas in the car automatically exploded killing Erica burning her alive as David was Burn but survive the explosion as finding out about Erica and accusing her of working with Veronica when revealed she was working with Warlock to take care Candace down David immediately had enough of Veronica ruining his life and his happiness he told her on the phone that he’s going to kill her which immediately shock the hell out of Veronica.

Jeffrey HarringtonEdit

Jeffrey is David's only son. He works at a rehab facility operated by his mother. David truly loves his son as shown when he learned that Wyatt drove his car and did a hit-and-run which prompts Jim to consider Jeffery did it, David got angry and refuse to let his son take the fall. Jeffrey is also gay, and unlike veronica David supports and treats his son with nothing but love and often tells his wife to stop her meddling ways and accept him for who he is. In the season 2 finale, David told Jeffrey that he does not care whether his son is gay as it is only a characteristic of his and no matter what happens he will love him as Jeffrey will always be his son. These words greatly relieved and cheered up Jeffrey who was happy to find that at least one of his parents was accepting of him.