Jennifer Sallison
Portrayed by Shari Headley
Gender female
Occupation District Attorney
Romantic Partners David Harrington (formerly)

Jennifer Sallison was a main character of The Haves and The Have Nots. She was a recurring character in Season 2-3, she become a main character of Season 4. Jennifer Sallison is a District Attorney who has been a arch enemy to The Cryers and The Harringtons.


Season TwoEdit

In the Season 2, her first appearance is when she threatens to put Wyatt in prison and its clear there is some enmity between her, Jim and David. It is speculated by Katheryn that Jim and Jennifer had an affair which ended with him breaking Jennifer's heart. When Wyatt is arrested after admitting the truth, Jennifer gloats to Jim and tells the press of Wyatt's crime and his status as Jim's son. Her victory doesn't last as Jim manages to get Wyatt out after paying someone to play the victim to his son's crime. In the Season 2 finale, she almost arrests Wyatt but a news report appears with a man resembling Wyatt confessing to the hit and run forcing her to release Wyatt.

Season ThreeEdit

In season three, she investigates Amanda's death claiming it as murder but later confirms it was sucides. Later on, she is called by Wyatt who confesses to his crime and Jim covering it up as well as Veronica hiding it. She has officers search the Harringtion home but are unable to locate the black sedan. When the Harrington home is burned down, she comments on how it happened not to long after the search. Her rivalry with both the Cryers and Harringtons intensifies when visiting the cryer mansion, she states that she will come after all of them.

She appears in the finale, where she offers Wyatt immunity for his crime once they find the black sedan used in Wyatt's hit and run. Wyatt finds the car and is able to get himself and Jeffrey exempted from the crime. This allows her to finally to arrest The Cryer and The Harrington parents for tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice.

Season FourEdit

In Season 4, it is revealed she and David once had an affair and she offers to let him go if he testifies against Jim but he refuses and rebuffs her advances. Later on, when Wyatt grows fearful for his safety if his parents are bailed out Jennifer helps him get his large inheritance so he could move out provided he passes a drug test. Wyatt passes it and moves out his parents' home. Jennifer meets with a recently arrested Jeffrey who after some time agrees to testify but not against the Cryers or his father but his mother whose cruel actions he reveals to Jennifer. After a few days, Jennifer is unable to contact Wyatt before she is confronted by the released Katheryn who reveals Wyatt cheated on his drug test and is threatened if something happened to Wyatt she will pay. Not long after, she is told Wyatt had a drug overdose and died causing her to feel guilty and worried over her recent actions. She reluctantly allows David to see Wyatt's body and is relieved to hear from her officers that David discovered Wyatt was simply unconscious and was taken to the hospital. She informs Katheryn that Wyatt was still alive and was in a medically induced coma at the hospital. However, Katheryn refused to see her son in the hospital and told the DA officer that she better bring Wyatt back to the way he was before she gave him his money.

In the near Season 4 finale, she meets Candace and Benny who have come to get the arrest warrant taken off their mother. She soon has Quita Maxwell come in the room and they question the young siblings over the contents of Candace's home and Quincy's disappearance however, they deny any knowledge and Jennifer promises them to get rid of Hanna's warrant and allows them to leave. After the Young's leave, Jennifer voices her suspicions about them to fellow officer and have them go to Candace's neighbor and question them over her home. Jennifer later gets a call which confirms her suspicion after the neighbor reports a bad odor as well as Quincy's going inside the house but never going out. She tells them to a issue a search warrant over on Candace's house.

In the fourth season finale, Jennifer is invited over to the Cryer mansion to discuss things and learn that Jennifer reveals she never slept with Jim but smugly tells Veronica she was together with David. She firmly tells Katheryn she was still going to have Wyatt testify. Katheryn asked once more to give her back control over Wyatt's inheritance but was refused and as a result Katheryn pulled out a hidden gun and shot Jennifer four times in the stomach. Jennifer collapsed in her chair while calling Katheryn "a bitch" before being shot again killing her. Katheryn told a terrified Veronica that her job was to get her clear of this event before Jennifer's collapsed body on the floor.

Her body is later taken by the Malone Family on David's orders to be taken to her home which was burned down and the blame placed on a prisoner who was just released. However, Mama Rose learned that Warlock shot at her grandson Mitch and had her family take Jennifer's body and put it in War's car to frame him before having them unleash her revenge on him.