Celine Gonzales
Celine Gonalez
Gender Female
Occupation Maid (formerly)
Residence Savannah, GA
Romantic Partners Humberto Gonzales (husband)
Jim Cryer (ex-lover)
Child(ren) Unnamed children (children)
Carlos Gonzales (son)
Jimmy Gonzales (son)

Celine Gonzales is a main character and a tertiary antagonist  in Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots She is a maid in the Cryer family household, and one of Jim Cryer's many mistresses. She is also a former friend of maid Hanna Young She is portrayed by actress Eva Tamargo.


At first glance, Celine appears to be a very kind woman, as it is she who set up Hanna Young's interview with lady of the house Katheryn Cryer for a position as a maid. She and Hanna seem to be good friends, but Celine is also a gossip, power hungry and easily jealous, as shown when Katheryn chooses Hanna over her for a supervisory household position. She is further angered when Hanna and Katheryn become close following the latter's secret cancer diagnosis, and goes so far as to imply that Hanna is engaged in a lesbian relationship with Katheryn because they go away together so often.



Humberto Gonzales (Husband)Edit

Celine is married to an unseen man named Humberto Gonzales. She has not been seen with him yet but what information about him is known is that they have a strained marriage likely due to celine cheating on him in the past. It is unknown if he is aware of his wife having affair with her boss Jim Cryer or if he will ever appear on the show and their relationship is expressed on-screen.

James "Jim" Cryer (Ex-lover)Edit

Celine once had an extramarital affair with her employer Jim Cryer but it ended sometime ago due to Celine once telling Jim she's going back to her husband. Celine is clearly still in love with Jim to a point of obsession even treating her friend (later ex-friend) Hanna Young with disdain when she gets in Jim's favor. As a result of the affair Jim is forced to pay Celine with a check every year or else she would go to the public with all the information she has on the Cryer's with all the information that she has on the family from years as their maid. She frequently throws herself at him in season one, usually while bringing him a glass of whiskey in his home office and telling him not to refuse her. During these encounters, she attempts to seduce him and to remind him of the affair they had many years ago, which he has no desire to rekindle and proclaims that he said all those sweet things to her in the past just for sex and he got what he wanted from her. Even when Celine attempts to be civilized with him on a professional level Jim still treats with her disdain and tells her to quit to which she rejects reminding him she still having fun toying with him and driving him and his wife crazy. When Jim had Wyatt released she told him it was really modest of him to be that way and said she wishes he was that way to "all his kids" hinting their affair might have conceive one or more children but that has yet to be confirmed. This was later proven true as it would turn out that Jim had fathered a son named Carlos who would work at his father's campaign office and go to deliver something to him but ended up confronting Jim at his home. Later it is revealed that they also have a seven year old son as well when Wyatt was confronting Jim of his affairs. When Amanda killed herself, Celine remarked horribly about the girl's death this pushed Katheryn over the edge and she fired Celine when Jim returned and was told everything he complied and fired her. When she returned to the mansion, he confirmed her firing stating he has had enough of her. When Jim appeared on national television to confirm his running governor campaign Celine with her sons Carlos and Jimmy appeared while being interviewed. Though Celine said she didn't want do so when confronted by Jim she proclaimed that she had information that now has no consequences due to her being fired causing Jim to lash out that the ending of their affair was he fault and she hurt him by leaving him alone. Celine repeatedly apologized but Jim would not have and when she asked for him to make love to her he rejected her advances and left out the apartment as Celine broke down in tears. Later on, Jim revisits Celine and tells her he loves her although Celine was hesitant she slowly succumbed to Jim's charm and the two made love on the couch. Afterwards, Celine learns much to her utter shock and sadness that Jim only used her for sex and he had no intention of ever allowing her to work for him again or continuing on their affair stating this was his revenge and now they are even. Jim left the apartment while a now heart-broken Celine angrily screamed they aren't even by a mile.


Carlos Gonzales (son)Edit

Is the illegitimate son of Celine and her employer Judge James "Jim" Cryer he was born during their illicit affair. Celine is shown to deeply love her son being worried when seeing him at the Cryer Manor and trying to stop him from confronting Jim. Carlos showed that he loved his mother defending honor when Jim scorned her though refused to stop his argument with his father as he stated that he wanted to speak with Jim for years. Carlos openly stated he loved his mother but was not about to let her lie to him anymore as he has gone through enough in his life he coldly ignored his mother's pleas to stop his angry banter and left as the latter tearfully watch this before going inside. Carlos later told his mother to give hope on Jim as he believes the latter does not care about them and they are better off without him. Carlos managed to convince Celine to appear on National Television with his mother and brother as Celine was humiliating Jim by revealing their affair and their two sons born from it. Unmentioned

Jimmy Gonzales(son)Edit

Jimmy is the illegitimate seven year old of Celine and Jim born from their affair named after his father. Celine is shown to love him very much as she continues to work for the Cryers to ensure that makes enough money to tend to him. He appeared on National Television with his mother and brother as Celine was humiliating Jim by revealing their affair and their two sons born from it.


Hanna YoungEdit

Hanna is Celine's former friend. Celine got Hanna the interview that led to her job in the Cryer household but quickly regrets it when her boss,Katheryn Cryer begins to trust Hanna with intimate personal details, and takes her on secret trips that are in reality meant to hide Katheryn's secret breast cancer diagnosis. In jealousy, she once suggests that the reason for these trips is a secret lesbian affair between the two, which Hanna denies, telling Celine she is crazy. The two once came to blows after Hanna is promoted which leads to the termination of their friendship and while Hanna tries to mend the tension between them she is met with refusal from Celine. When Hanna leaves work to tend to her comatose son benny she calls the Cryer mansion repeatedly to tell them she needs time off Celine unaware of Hanna's problems "promises" to tell Katheryn of the news but doesn't do so and pretends to call Hanna when requested by Katheryn. The Cryers are oblivious to this situation that is until Katheryn finally puts a stop to it and has Celine call Hanna while watching her do so. When Hanna finally does show up for work Celine makes a snippy remark and goes on about it, Hanna states she is in no mood for it and swears to beat Celine. Celine pushes her back and the two prepare to fight only for it to be broken up by Jim who sends Celine home so she could cool down and while the maid is angry she listens. After Wyatt Cryer is arrested for confessing to the hit and run of a little girl named Lizzie and Hanna's son Benny Young, the news is spread to everyone in Atlanta including Celine who realizes the reasons for Hanna's absence. While talking with Jim she asks if it was true that Wyatt had hit benny with a hint of guilt in her voice over how she made fun of Hanna for taking days off of work just so she could tend to her injured son. When Hanna returned to work for the Cryer family, Celine was quick to be hostile toward her even going as far to unfairly demand an apology from Hanna who ignored her co-worker by saying she was in a good mood. From this interaction, it appears that their relationship is still on bad terms.

Katheryn CryerEdit

Katheryn, Jim's wife and Celine's boss, does not have a close relationship with the maid. She reveals to Hanna in one episode that Celine is only still working for the family because she [Katheryn] loves to watch her husbands mistresses come and go, and takes a sort of sadistic pleasure in their emotional pain. Katheryn refuses to utter Celine's name, instead calling her "four" because she was Jim's fourth mistress in a similar manner of how she refers to Candace as "nine". At first it was revealed that Jim had an agreement (which Katheryn was not in approval of) that kept Celine's job sacrosanct because of the secrets she knew about the family, and had she been fired, she would have certainly revealed them. Eventually, Katheryn took the onus and fired the troublemaker.